Most people don’t read, or take notes, or seek to learn.

Thinking is difficult, that is why most people judge.

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.

Type until your fingers bleed.

Everybody who is born has to die.

We live in abundant times, where the bar is low.

Read or even think about concepts that challenge their identity and antagonize their excuses.

They’re pretty fucked from the get.

Behavior speaks for itself.

print(“positive” if 6 >= 0 else “negative”)

that’s kind of cooler in javascript though.

(condition) ? (true block) : (else block)


(true block) if (condition) else (else block)

the first thing to is be humble.

they do no know you.

they do not know your process.

they do not think intelligently in terms of time, they are wasting theirs by talking shit about your dreams.

they do not know what you get from anything.

they only know themselves. and that’s good for them.

be humble. take no pride. only gratitude.

you have nothing to protect. no ego to defend.

nothing is vulnerable.

you just recognise the verbalizations of criticism and negativity, as merely a statement of the other person’s inner problems.

you don’t need permission to focus and explore, during your entire lifetime.

you don’t need approval.

their opinions don’t matter.

don’t give a fuck what anybody says, let alone thinks.

be happy.

Reaction and the energy behind it. It’s not what you’re about. You behave with forgiveness and compassion by default. It is your natural state.

You don’t participate in their sad bullshit. You’re not involved.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface

It’s like a website, but you get raw data in a standardized form, which you can access programmatically, and use in your own apps or projects, in accordance with whatever license you sign.

Data On Tap

Think of a self-service bar, where you’re given a key to access all the taps you want…

in thinking that they’re perfect, and all they need is money.

i mean, it’s easy to see past that and forgive it. because they are clearly missing experience and knowledge.

what i write about will make people rich, but it’s a side-effect of process. it’s merely a measurement, not a goal.

i feel your pain, but do real work, trust yourself, and money will make itself available to you.

And webpack errors and shit.

If the console is complaining about webpack default not-a-function bullshit, it’s probably because of your initialization.

app.auth() should only ever be called once in your application, and stored in an exported constant

We’re going to use react-router-dom 5.0.0, because version 6 removes the Redirect module.

Deus West

inarticulate streams of consciousness that vaguely resemble article drafts

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